Saturday, September 3, 2016

Employing a Spiritual Counsellor to further Help in the Grief of Many People (HGMP)

Holy Gardens - The Interment Experts

To     HR

Thru   GM Madel

Subject:     Creation of New Position - SPIRITUAL COUNSELLOR

Date :   September 3, 2016

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End of Life Care


1.  To be aligned with our former motto:   Helping in the Grief of Many People
2.  To align ourselves with the idea that we are doing is Holy, and aligned with the Scriptures:   John 14: 2-3
3.  To increase our disciples/allies in the business -  from the church, hospital, other religious groups and community at large
4.  The ultimate outcome would be to create more awarenesss


First, we wanted to have our CSS 2 become funeral directors.  One of their jobs while filling up the IA is to counsel the bereaved, and when they visit the houses of the deceased to comfort and sympathize with the family.  However since the CSS 2 is busy with the administrative tasks, there is a lack of follow up and sustainability.

Furthermore, the sick terminally ill person is not given attention and we are merely seen as vultures waiting for the sick to die, and get the business.

This morning, the author saw a clip from NHK where in Japan, there are spiritual counsellors.  They are doctors and the religious who counsel the sick on the verge of dying and their families.  It gaining traction in Japan.


1.  Create the position of Spiritual Counsellor as a contractor or fully employed  individuals

2.  Qualification:

     Former social workers, lay ministers, former pastors, ex seminarians who are experienced in counselling, and have depth of understanding about EXISTENCE, SPIRITUALITY, DEATH, LIFE AFTER DEATH

3.  Job:

     PTM  - sick dying individuals in deathbed in hospitals, homes, and their loved ones

1.  They are to visit the sick in various places in hospital, do pray over, talk to the sick and converse with them  on their fears and worries:

     1. Death and dying

     2.  Their fears

     3.  Sense of purpose

     4.  About the  loved ones and the things/assets/legacy they will leave behind

2.  Console pray and sympathize with their loved ones.  Readings from the scriptures when the patient, principal has died.  Visits the wake

3.  Join the families on their ninth day of remembering and 40th day

4.  Give us tips/leads about those who are about to die.   Refer the families to Holy Gardens

Jorge  U. Saguinsin

Image result for spiritual counselling + dying

Image result for spiritual counselling + dying

Image result for spiritual counselling + dying
                     75% deaths are expected;  in PH
               500,000 die a year so that is over 300,000/year